The Chong Lab Research Group

Principal Investigator

Lillian Chong
Lillian Chong

Associate Professor, Department of Chemistry
Affiliated Faculty, CMU-Pitt Molecular Biophysics/Structural Biology Program
Affiliated Faculty, CMU-Pitt Computational Biology Program

Tel: 412-624-6026
ltchong AT pitt DOT edu

Current Group Members

Anthony Bogetti
Anthony Bogetti

Chemistry Graduate Student
atb43 AT pitt DOT edu

Jeremy Leung
Jeremy Leung

Chemistry Graduate Student
jml230 AT pitt DOT edu

Darian Yang
Darian Yang

Molecular Biophysics/ Structural Biology Graduate Student
dty7 AT pitt DOT edu

Hannah Piston
Hannah Piston

Chemistry Graduate
hep32 AT pitt DOT edu

Page Harrison
Page Harrison

Phys./Comp. Sci. Undergraduate Student
poh8 AT pitt DOT edu

Paul Torrillo
Paul Torrillo

Math/Biology Undergraduate Student
pat53 AT pitt DOT edu

Kim Wong
Kim Wong

CRC Programming Consultant
kimwong AT pitt DOT edu

Group Alumni

Research Staff

Alex DeGrave (2017-2018), now an MD/PhD student at U. Washington.

Graduate Students

Ali Saglam, PhD (2018), DAAD Grant awardee, now a postdoc at U. Pittsburgh Medical School.
Karl Debiec, PhD (2017), Co-advisor: Angela Gronenborn, Mellon Fellow, now at Epic Systems.
Matthew Zwier, PhD (2013), A&S and Mellon Fellow, now an Associate Prof. at Drake University.
Reza Salari, PhD (2012), A&S Fellow, now a medical resident at Washington U. - St. Louis.

Andrew Bellesis, MS (2020), now a research specialist at U. Pittsburgh School of Public Health.
Brandon Mills, MS (2014), A&S Fellow, now a Consultant at LabAnswer.

Undergraduate Students

Max Dudek (2018), undergraduate major in molecular biology and computer science.
Alex DeGrave (2014-2017), Brackenridge Fellow, now an MD/PhD student at U. Washington.
Gabriel Garcia-Borrero (2017), Brackenridge Fellow.
Jakob Sorkness (2017), Writer in Residence, now at Salubris Biotherapeutics.
Elissa Fink (2017), TecBio REU participant, now a graduate student in biophysics at UCSF.
Kayva Darapuneni (2017), First Experiences Program participant.
Erin Walsh (2017), First Experiences Program participant.
Parmila Kafley (2016-2017), undergraduate major in chemistry and political science.
Lewis Baker (2015), now a graduate student in mathematics at UC Boulder.
Nicholas Rego (2012), now a graduate student in biophysics at U. Pennsylvania.
Daniel Hatfield (2012-2013), A&S Fellow, now a chemistry graduate student at UCLA.
Charles Bobcheck (2011-2012).
David Wang (B. Phil; 2010-2012), A&S Fellow, Harvard-MIT HST program.
Joseph Seemiller (2011), TecBio REU participant, Fulbright Research Fellow at U. Cologne.
Joseph Kaus (2010-2011), A&S Fellow, now a researcher at Schrodinger.
Yiwen Zou (2010-2011), pharmacy student at Philadelphia College of Osteopathic Med.
Brandon Mills (B. Phil; 2010-2014), Brackenridge Fellow, now a Consultant at LabAnswer.
Maria Panteva (2008-2010), Visiting Assistant Professor at Bucknell University.
Monica Bhattacharjee (2007-2009), medical student at the U. Maryland at Baltimore.

High School Student

Natalia Hajlasz (2014-2017), Regeneron STS 2017 Finalist, undergraduate at Harvard.